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SM-5B parts available
Qty: 55

The Front & Rear windscreen set is $80.00, the Blast Filter is $15.00, the Foam Ring less the mounting clips is $10.00 and the Hanger Hardware kit is $80.00


SM-5B repair, rear view
Qty: 10

The original cloth cable was replaced with Gepco MP-1022 mic cable. A special crimp collar is required for this cable assembly for grounding to the SM-5B yoke. (Note the replacement suspension bands. If your mic requires them our replacments are $10.00 each.)


SM-5B front view
Qty: 100

In this picture you can see the new Blast Filter and the new Windscreen mounting rings. Replacement front & rear foam plus Blast filter only from MOORETRONIX.


A SM-5B shown with New Windscreensscreens
Qty: 100

Here is a picture of the SM-5B with its new Windscreens. We have found that Contact Cement is best for securing the new foam to the aluminum mounting rings. SM-5B front & rear foam set.


SM-5B with Hanger Hardware
Qty: 47

Here is a photo of the SM-5B with our Hanger Hardware kit. We have fresh stock on this kit. Like everthing else these days the price has increased $20.00 from the last batch


New Headphone Panel
Qty: 75

Here is our version of the headpone panel designed for the Harris Headphone Amplifier, Model PRE99-1215. The single 10K linear Clarostat pot on our panel controls the gain of the Harris headphone amp. Simple connect Cat 5 home run cables to our panel and the Harris amp and you have stereo headphone control without the noisey pot. A nice upgrade to your studio.


SM-5B mic cable assembly
Qty: 9

Pictured is our replacement cable assembly for the original cloth cable. We use Gepco MP 1022 mic cable. This assembly requires a special collar to ground the cable to the SM-5B yoke.


SM-5B replacement suspension bands
Qty: 16

We came up with a simple replacement for the SM-5B suspension bands. Each microphone has 8 bands, 4 in front and 4 at the rear. These replacements should be installed in groups of 4 to get the centering tension correct.

$40.00 per set of 4

MTX Faraday shield
Qty: 50

This photo shows our new field installed Faraday shield kit for the SM-5B microphone. The front and rear cages are inserted into the windscreens. The drain wires attach the cages to the yoke ground. These cages reduce unwanted pick-up of Computer Monitors or AM/FM RF in Control Room environments. This option makes the SM-5B less prone to pick-up of unwanted magnetic and electrical noise.


Sarah 3CX Condenser Microphone
Qty: 1

Here is our Condenser Microphone effort with Wind Screens borrowed from a famous Mic. This is a Tri-Axial element microphone yielding a broad cardioid pattern. We use a Burr-Brown OPA2227 to sum the 3 condenser elements and form the balanced output. The Microphone is suspended within the PVC chassis. The amplifier assembly is inside the mic tube. We also added a Blue, current limited LED that lights from 4.5 to 18 VDC. This voltage is supplied VIA console logic making a useful ON-AIR indicator for the talent. This mic requires Phantom power for the electronics supplied by a mic processor or console mic module. The yoke is all stainless steel. The added shock mount adapter threads to any standard mic arm. The secret to the mics sound is the air chamber provided by the Wind Screens. Have you spoken to Sarah? She's everything you ever wanted in a broadcast microphone.


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