RMX Modules

RMX-28 to RMX-12
Qty: 1

Here is a photo of a down-sized RMX-12 frame. We started with the customers RMX-28 frame and reduced the console width by 20 inches! In todays studios, thats a lot of desk space. The meter panel features our Poly-Carbonet surface to make ceaning alot easier.


RMX Line input faceplate
Qty: 50

Here is a photo our Poly-Carbonet faceplate assembly. The steel panel and overlay is $55.00 each. We have Control Room, Mic, Telco and Output versions available. All at $55.00 each. Long blank assemblies are $45.00 each & Short blanks are $35.00 each.


RMX 12 Console for sale
Qty: 1

Here is a refurbished RMX-12 console ready for a new home. We can add Mic modules or line modules as needed. We will add the Yellow lens caps, engraved as necessary, for your application at no additional cost. The console price includes the connector kit, manual and power supply with cable. 1 Year Warranty.


RMX Control Room module with VCA option
Qty: 1

Here is a front view of this rebuilt RMX CR module. We added the VCA option to remove the audio from the Monitor, Headphone, Cue and Talkback pots. The new installed pots control the audio levels by a control voltage. Note the Poly-Carbonet faceplate overlay. It's a durable and easy to keep clean option. Serial 175


RMX CR module rear view
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This rear view of the rebuilt RMX Control Room module shows the (2) wire wound single turn, linear pots for Monitor and Headphone levels. The Talkback and Cue pots are single turn precision pots. All capacitors have been replaced, new square wink-eyes installed along with serviced or replaced switches. All cosmetic issues addressed. We add a 6 month limited warranty for serial 175.


RMX Control Room module serial 171
Qty: 1

Here is a front view of this module with our poly-carbonet faceplate. This gives the module a durable surface that's easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. This rebuilt module comes with our limited 6 month warranty.


RMX Control Room rear view
Qty: 1

Here is the rear view of serial #171. All the pots on this RMX Control Room module are analog. New capacitors, replaced or serviced audio switches, and of course full audio and logic testing.


RMX Control Room showing buttons
Qty: 1

Stacked on top of the BMX-II Control Room module is the front panel of a RMX Control Room module. Note the square button panel with Red LEDs to light each button. This 8 station version of the BMX-II 10 station monitor selector replaces the 8 station mechanical latching switch. The RMX version should be available by the end of June 2012.


Rebuilt RMX-20
Qty: (1)

Rebuilt RMX-20 with 4 Mic, 12 Line, Telco, Output, Control Room and Studio modules. RLS, Timer Control, Combo Clock/Timer and rebuilt Power Supply with cable. Connector kit includes all Housings and Pins, Pin removal tool & Clock set magnet. Printed manual is also included. This console includes a 6 Month limited warranty. Re-finished red oak trim with all modules featuring our Poly Carbonet overlays for long surface life. We've also added LED's in place of all lamps. Our LED light bars are mounted to all (4) VU meters. No more lamp replacement with this console.


RMX module overlays
Qty: 100

Here are the overlays we have had manufactured for RMX modules. Each faceplate assembly is $55.00 each.


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