BMX-II Parts

Qty: 100

This is the new replacement channel on and cue relay assembly. If you have an early BMX-II you should replace the older obsolete assembly. Symtoms are light module taping will cause a left or right channel to drop out.


Qty: 500

The new BMX-II replacement CUE switch assembly is pictured. The kit consists of the bounce free switch, High Brightness LED, Yellow lens cap, special shoulder washer and wire pigtail. The current limiting resistor is part of the pigtail. The LED insert and switch collar tools are shown but sold separately.


Various cosmetic BMX-II parts
Qty: 300

Pictured are the many cosmetic parts used in the various modules. The large Monitor knob is $7.50, the Mode knob is $6.00 & the Cue knob is $5.00 each. Engraved OFF lens caps are $12.00 each. Fader knobs are $7.50 each. Round wink eye is $3.00, A/B lens cap is $6.00 and the PGM or AUD lens cap is $7.50 each.


BMX-II PGM/AUD assembly
Qty: 100

Here is our upgrade for BMX-II Line input modules. This PC assembly gets rid of the top switch wiring. It also has the Telco modification. Note the coiled Red wire. This goes to the hidden utility bus in BMX-II frames. A jumper between both switches allows assignment of the left or right for Telco use.


BMX-I & II CR Monitor with modifications
Qty: 1

Here is a photo showing our new 90-160MTX Mute Relay adaptors for the BMX-I & II Control Room monitor modules. Note orientation of each adaptor assembly. Our VCA assembly is also installed which replaces the P&G rotary fader for Monitor, Headphone and Cue functions.


90-160MTX Adaptor
Qty: 100

This new adaptor uses the standard BMX-III channel relay. The old style BMX-II relay is obsolete. This new adaptor is used on all BMX-II Control Room monitor modules for Mute functions.


12-2R and 12-20Y LED's
Qty: 1000

These PC assemblies insert into the OFF & ON switches of BMX-I, II, III, AMX, RMX, PMX and ABX consoles. Update your consoles with our LED replacements for long reliable operation with a (2) year warranty. The Edison lamp has run it's course.


BMX-II Power Supply kit
Qty: 10

Here are the assemblies and parts to rebuild your BMX-II power supply. If you have a 99-73 power supply and it has not had a capacitor update, your power supply is ready for failure. The first 99-73 power supplies were manufactured in 1981. That means nothing lasts forever and the early supplies are 30 years old. Our kit has detailed instuctions and takes less than 2 hours to install. The old computer grade capacitors get replaced with new state of the art snap caps with the supplied PC assemblies.


25-102 PR&E ON/OFF switch
Qty: 78

Here are two Microswitches. The one on the left is rebuilt by MOORETRONIX. The one on the right is a fresh new Honeywell series 4 microswitch. The one on the left has a new switch with shorter terminals and is $20.00 less than a new one. Seems like a no brainer when you need a replacement. Two year warranty on our rebuilt 25-102 switches.


Replacement cap kit for BMX-II & RMX
Qty: 25

The new high density Snap Caps are used on the MOORETRONIX Bi-Polar PC and Logic PC assemblies. These mount in place of the old style computer grade capacitors. Replacement capacitors are supplied for the Bi-Polar regulator, Logic regulator and Phantom 48 volt supply. A clear set of instructions is included with this update kit. Get your power supply kit today.


Headphone and Monitor pot VCA
Qty: 50

This new dual VCA module replaces noisey Monitor and Headphone pots with DC control and superb stereo tracking. Two wirewound pots provide DC control of the audio. That Corp VCA's control the levels by a varing DC voltage. This field installable kit comes with all the hardware and clear instructions for installation. This upgrage takes about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish.


BMX-II 10 connector kit
Qty: 1

This kit has all the Molex housings and crimp pins to install a BMX-II 10 console.


BMX-II 14 connector kit
Qty: 1

This kit contains all the Molex housings and crimp pins to install a BMX-II 14 console.


BMX-II 22 connector kit
Qty: 1

This kit contains all the Molex housings and crimp pins for a BMX-II 22 console.


BMX-II 18 connector kit
Qty: 1

This kit contains all the Molex housings and crimp pins to install a BMX-II 18 console.


1122C fader contact mounted
Qty: 100

We selected Phosphor Bronze wire to construct our replacement fader contacts. These fit BMX-I & II fader assemblies to replace the original obsolete part. Our MOORETRONIX set-up assembly fixture allows precision placement of the contact sets on the glass epoxy solder tabs. The fixtures ramp sets the contact angle for minimum contact pressure against the conductive plastic tracks. Each contact set is tested in our reference 2100 series fader body.

$60.00 each

1122C contacts
Qty: 10

Here is our latest replacement part for the P&G 2100 series faders. Our contact set uses Phosphor Bronze wires grouped to form the Left & Right contact assembly. Price is $60.00 per set.


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