12-20R & 12-20Y LED's
Qty: 1000

Here is the reliable replacement for the old 658 lamps. Our 12-20R Red and 12-20Y Yellow LED's last a long, long time. Our replacements have a (2) year warranty. In stock and ready for your PR&E consoles.


12-46YK & 12-46WK
Qty: 500

Here are the LED's and Protection networks included in the each kit. The YK indicates a Yellow High Brightness LED for CUE. The WK is the High Brightness White LED for the Solo. The install takes about 15 minutes per module.


New wood sides and bull-nose
Qty: 10

Here is a photo of Red Oak side panels and bull-nose for X-Class consoles. We have these wood products for BMX-I&II, BMX-III/AMX and RadioMixer. We also re-finish customer wood for all X-Class products. Call for a quote. Also shown are the Microswitch series 4 switches. New $65.00 each, rebuilt by MOORETRONIX $45.00 each.


BMX-III/AMX Power Supply kit
Qty: 10

Here is our complete kit for the 99-238 power supply. The early supplies date back to 1984 and are 27 years old. If your supply has not had the capacitors changed out, the supply will fail. This kit includes detailed instructions with all parts and assemblies required. Completion time is about 3 hours. This kit includes the new state of the art snap cap assemblies to replace the older computer grade capacitors. Stay ahead of the game and order a kit today.


25-102 PR&E ON/OFF switch
Qty: 78

Here are two Microswitches. The one on the left is rebuilt by MOORETRONIX. The one on the right is a fresh new Honywell series 4 microswitch. The one on the left has a new switch with shorter terminals and is $20.00 less than a new one. Seems like a no brainer when you need a replacement. Two year warranty on our rebuilt 25-102 switches.


BMX-III/AMX PGM Amp rebuild kit
Qty: 40

We now have a kit of parts to field upgrade the program amplifiers in BMX-III/AMX consoles. The kit includes a new Poly-Carbonet faceplate, 44 Electrolytic capacitors and (4) MJE-171/181 transistor diode pairs. We have noted breakdown of the bonding agent that holds the diode to the transistor pairs. If the diode cracks or gets pulled away the 45-119 function module will fail. This usually takes out the protective 4.7 ohm resistors. The tantalum capacitors in the +-18 volt regulators are breaking down in the older console frames. Both failures will cause program amp failure. The other capacitors in the kit will correct gain and low frequency response problems. Price is $191.00 per kit. Order this upgrade kit before these problems develop.


MTX 99-146, 12 station selector
Qty: 25

Replacing the old 12 station mechanical selector with our Relay switcher is money well spent. The very low contact resistance of the surface mount relay we chose provides consistent and reliable switching. The 12 momentary buttons also include an LED to indicate what input is selected. The installation is simple and requires soldering (2) wires to the 12 volt logic terminals of the Control Room module. Install time is less than 5 minutes. We can of course refurb your existing 12 station selector to use as a spare. However of the 47 of our MTX 99-146 modules in the field no failures have been noted.


BMX-III 18 connector kit
Qty: 1

This kit contains all the Molex housings and crimp pins to install a BMX-III 18 console.


BMX-III 22 connector kit
Qty: 1

This kit contains all the Molex housings and crimp pins to install a BMX-III 22 console.


DT-4 Timer Kit
Qty: 1

Here is a fully serviced DT-4 timer with yellow display. The kit includes the timer, mounting hardware, schematic, remote connector & wall wart.


PR&E 99-950-1 rebuilt
Qty: 1

Rebuilt Universal Power Supply for PR&E analog consoles. 10 Amp output to power the largest frames.


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