Rebuilt BMX-I & II Control Room module

This module features new monitor, headphone and cue pots. New electrolytic capacitors. We also replaced the winks eyes and serviced the 15 audio switches. Price is $550.00

Back in the office

After 12 weeks of mending, I'm back at Mooretronix.

Quad Caster inside look

We will supply each customer a Hard copy of the Manual or the Manual on CD, your choice. You can purchase Quad Caster direct from MOORETRONIX. Add $22.00 for shipping and handling. We will accept Pay Pal only for all sales. The kit version has a 90 day limited warranty. A factory built unit has a 1 year limited warranty. We will also sell Quad Caster on E-Bay.

Quad Caster rear panel with RF Wands

The rear panel is where the 12 Volt regulated supply connects to the electronics. The RF Wand cables also exit the rear panel. Four channels of High Fidelity AM on 750 KHz, 1000 KHz, 1250 KHz & 1500 KHz. You won't believe how great AM can sound with Quad Caster. Build your own with our model QC-4A kit or buy a factory built unit and get a 1 year warranty.

Quad Caster, model QC-4A

Here is the real deal. Getting the front and rear panel wraps was the final step. Quad Caster is ready for sale. The kit version is priced at $319.00 and a factory built unit is $469.00 Pay Pal will be used for all sales. Add $22.00 shipping and handling. Send Payments to my E-Mail address Thanks for your interest in Quad Caster. Additional information is under Down Loads for the Model QC-4A.

FIM-21 for sale

We have a FIM-21 with calibration certificate. Price is $2000.00 with 90 Day limited warranty.

Quad Caster assembled PC board

Once you have followed all the kit assembly instructions the PC board looks like this one. Note the positions of all the transistors, FETs and regulator ICs.

67 volt "B" battery conversion kit

The conversion kit price is $75.00 The kit includes 2 PC board conversions to (7) 9 volt alkaline batteries. We also supply the mating Molex 2 pin connectors.

We repair and calibrate RCA WX-2 and 120E meters

We service these older meters and upgrade the "B" batteries to our PC board adaptors. One for the Receiver and Cal oscillator using 9 volt alkaline batteries. See down loads for pricing.

AM Field Meter calibration time

We calibrate both the FIM-21 & FIM-41 meters. See downloads for our rates on repair and calibration.

100% modulation at 10 KHz

The QC-4A performs well at 10 KHz but its hard to find AM radios able to pass this high frequency. Positive modulation peaks of 135% are possible with the Quad Caster.

100% modulation at 100 Hz

The QC-4A is a real performer. Our series modulator is up to the task. I left the Pre-Emphasis in circuit.

AM Quad Caster broadcast oscillator

We are offering a hobby product in kit form or factory built. Using RF Wands and 4 crystal controlled modulated oscillators makes for a rewarding project. The QC-4A will be availiable within 2 weeks. See Down Loads for more information about this kit. The photo shows our proto type, of the Quad Caster QC-4A. The photo shows the completed board with all 4 frequencies operating and being modulated. Next step is to get the QC-4A into its enclosure.

Power Supply 99-950-1

Here is a re-built universal power supply for all PR&E analog consoles. This one is currently set-up for ABX, AMX and the BMX-III consoles. Price is $450.00 plus shipping.

Heathkit CR-1

We have a Heathkit CR-1 crystal set that needs a new home. Sale price is $125.00 and we can ship it over night for Christmas delivery. All you need is a Hi-Z set of headphones and a long wire antenna. From Fremont, MI I received all the 50KW AMs from Chicago and WJR in Detroit at night. The manual and other historic information on this well designed receiver is on the Net.

Motorola MT-1 transistor tester

This is from the junk box and did not work. I needed a schematic so I drew one. This should help someone. See downloads for the schematic.

Got translators and a diplexer?

A properly tuned combiner puts more Watts to the antenna. We have the experience and the required test equipment to do this work. Rough in is done with an HP signal generator & a Spectrum analyzer. Final VSWR set-up is done with an FM exciter on both frequencies. Have equiment, will travel with in 500 miles of 49412.

For sale TEK496P

We have a TEK 496P w/fresh calibration for sale $2400.00 We replaced this spectrum analyzer with a 492 for bench purposes. For portable use we have a TEK 2710. Our 496P needs a new home. Useful to 1.8 GHz.

DT-3 timer

We have a serviced DT-3 timer used in early BMX-II consoles and the BMX-I. Price is $170 for the kit that includes the DT-3 timer, mounting hardware, remote connector, power supply and schematic.

24-26 pot for RMX & BMX-II headphone

Conductive plastic 10K pot to replace headphone pots in RadioMixer & BMX-II control room modules. Price is $15.00 each.

TD-171 slave clock

Here is a serviced TD-171 clock which requires TC-89 time code. If you need to add one to a studio or for replacement, this clock is for you. Yellow digit display. This kit includes the TD-171 clock, mounting hardware, schematic and power supply. Price is $175.00

BMX-III VU meter rear view

Here is the rear view showing meter buffer calibrated to +4dB.

BMX-III VU meter assembly

Here is a serviced Sifam VU meter assembly. Includes bezel and mounting clamps, schematic and meter buffer calibrated at +4dB. Price is $180.00

DT-4 timer kit

We just serviced this timer and looks like new. If you need to replace a faulty timer or add one to a studio. This comes with the schematic, remote connector, mounting hardware and power supply. Price is $170.00

MOORETRONIX LED/Switch assembly

Are you still using the antique switch in your AirWave console? Why? Our switch assembly uses long life LED's. The push button switch feels good. The lens caps pop off so YOU can add any text you like. A clear label, black text and a P-Touch machine makes the change easy. We use 18 point characters. Our assembly is just $45.00 each. Buy one and see how much your operators will like them. Begin your up-grade now.

MOORETRONIX custom equipment

This photo shows the custom loop tuner, the Super Loop, the RF probe and HP DVM. Behind the DVM is a custom amplifier for the 1.6 to 5.0 MHz band. This amp drives a custom balun which feeds our 1 square Meter custom loop. At the top of the photo you see one of the two clamps to position the 1 Meter loop. The horizontal portion of the loop rests between two plastic anchors to allow precise placement of the loop. The Ascel function generator drives the amplifier input. Our custom 81 dB attenuator is used to verify the FIM meters precision attenuators. The calibration lab is screened from outside RF radiation. The screen covers the 4 walls, ceiling and floor. The screen connects to 8 foot ground rods on the South and West walls of the room. Attenuation at 850 KHz is 36 dB.

Cal Lab work table and parts storage

This table is for repair of any field Intensity Meter in for service and calibration. The RCA meter shown is getting 2 of its function switches replaced. It got a new set of 1T4 and 1R5 tubes. When the emission drops its time for new tubes. This meter also got our B battery upgrade to 9 Volt alkaline cells for both the calibration oscillator and the receiver sections. A calibration check will follow. We provide a calibration certificate before returning the instrument to the customer.

MOORETRONIX Calibration Lab

This view shows a FIM-41 field intensity meter check of the 225mV field at 1 Meter. We have two custom radiation loops used during calibration. The Super Loop shown on the calibration table is driven by an Ascel function generator. We added a 10 turn level adjust pot for fine adjustment of the RF level. The generator drives our custom loop tuner. The Super Loop is connected to the tuner output. A RF probe is attached to the feed point of the Super Loop and the output is displayed on a HP 972 DVM. The Super Loop and the calibrated strip along the table allows verification of 1, 2.25, 5.0 and 10.0 Volt calibration. Two sets of calibration points mark levels for the FIM-21 & 41 meters. Another set of marks are for the Nems Clarke 120 series and the RCA WX-2 meters. The FIM under test is placed at a precise point on the table facing the Super Loop. The tuner allows maximum transfer of power to the loop at all frequencies between 540 & 1600 KHz.

FIM-21 for sale

This meter was repaired and calibrated here at MOORETRONIX in our calibration room in building 3. Sale price is $3000.00 with a 6 month limited warranty.

Production run Sarah 3CX

Here are eight Sarah 3CX condenser microphones ready for shipment. Typical production runs are for 10 microphones at a time. We believe these are the next wave of Voice Over microphones for Broadcast & Production services. Order yours now. Shipment is within 30 days ARO. Price is still $599.00 each and we pay US Post Priority shipping to your US address.

Now calibrating FIM-21 & 41

We now have the capacity and experience to calibrate these field intensity meters. Our service rates for calibration are listed under Downloads. Call us for an RA number when sending in your FIM meter. Have it professionally packed if you no longer have the original shipping container. Also add the proper amount of insurance to your package.

Nems Clarke 120E calibrated serial 1046

Our screened room worked well during the repair and calibration process. The interior of this meter was in excellent condition. This meter has been stored well through out its life. We converted the 67 volt B battery packs to our 9 volt alkaline assemblies. Five of the 6 tubes had to be replaced due to low emission. Due to years of use the tension arms required some re-work. All in all once the calibration process was complete the customer will have a Field Intensity meter for years of use.

12 station selectors

If you have the selector on the LEFT for your BMX-III or AMX console you need our active selector. Our selector uses surface mount relays to do the switching, drivin by CMOS logic. The 12 volt logic voltage is extracted at the Control Room module edge connector. Price $379.00 with instructions.

Sarah 3CX Info page 4

Sarah 3CX Info page 3

Sarah 3CX Page 2

Available now from MOORETRONIX.

Sarah 3CX Infor page 1

Faceplate photo of BMX control room module

The modules serial number is 703.

Rebuilt BMX-I, II Control Room module

This rebuilt module has the MOORETRONIX VCA level control option. Vishay linear pots control Monitor, Headphone and Cue levels. Module has our poly carbonet faceplate, new knobs & new winkeyes. The electrolytic capacitors have been replaced and all audio and logic functions were tested. All module switches were serviced or replaced as needed. Price for this module, serial number 703 is $850.00 with a (1) year limited warranty.

Nems Clarke 120E indicating 225mV field

This photo shows our calibrated loop resting on the calibration table. The FIM is in the center of the RF field, 1 Meter from the loop. The Digital panel meter option can be added to any Nems Clarke 120 or RCA WX-2 instrument. The option includes the Digital meter, Custom faceplate, precision shunt network, 10 turn level pot and case modifications. Cost of this upgrade is $200.00 including installation.

Calibration procedures set for 225 mV field.

We are now ready to accept RCA WX-2 & Nems Clarke 120E field meters for repair and calibration. Estmates are free of charge. Have your meter professionally packed and insured for shipment to Mooretronix. Our shipping address is listed at this web site. Provide contact information so we can go over service and calibration costs for your meter. If the mechanical meter needs to be replaced, we can add the Digital meter kit upgrade.

RCA WX-2 with Digital Readout

This FIM is being updated with a digital display in place of the old analog meter. To assist in calibrating the digital display, the Fine Gain control has been replaced with a 10 turn pot. This allows easy calibration for the operator. This takes a first generation Field Meter to a whole new level. An extensive calibration procedure ensures a reliable instrument for many years to come. These meters were built to military standards using the best quality parts. All passive components are checked and replaced or serviced as necessary.

MOORETRONIX RF screen room

We have our RF screen room ready for service. This photo shows a Nems Clark FI meter being checked for calibration. We use a 225 mV field for calibration checks at 1 Meter. Our custom built equipment does a great job. Our calibration range is 540 KHz to 1600 KHz.


Beginnng November 1st, 2015 MOORETRONIX will begin offering repair and calibration service for Nems Clarke 120 & RCA WX-2 Field Intensity Meters. Free estimates. Contact us for return authorization number. Thanks, The MOORETRONIX Team.

Rebuilt RMX-20 console

See RMX modules for all the details.

SDA-8 rear view

This DA uses A3M's for the left and right inputs. All outputs use A3F connectors included in the connector kit.

PR&E SDA-8 rebuilt

Now available at $850.00 with connector kit, AC cord and Manual.

Rebuilt BMX-II 10 audio console

Look under BMX-II module for more information. This rebuild includes LED's in the OFF/ON switches, LED/Cue switch upgrade and the VU meters feature our LED light bars. No more lamp changing. A great buy at $7400.00 and we can crate it for shipment or customer pick-up is welcome.

1122C contact set for P&G 2100 series fader

Our contact sets feature Phosor Bronze wire to form the stereo contacts. See more information under BMX-II parts.

Nems Clarke B battery pack conversion

This MOORETRONIX kit converts the obsolete B battery packs to modern 9 volt alkaline cells. Each PC boad assembly features 7 battery snaps, insulating cover and cable with Molex socket. The kit also includes the male mating connectors for the Calibration Oscillator and Receiver packs. Price is $75.00 per kit. Update your Nems Clarke - RCA Field Intensity meter.

RCA/Nems Clarke B battery packs

These great Field Intensity Meters need our B battery adaptor PC assemblies. Use long life 9 volt alkaline batteries to create the (2) 67 volt battery packs. As can be seen in the photos, they slip inside the field meter battery compartment. Price is $75.00 per set of two with instructions and Molex connectors.

Sarah 3CX Broadcast Mic

This pro-audio condenser microphone can be purchased at E-Bay. Type in Sarah 3CX.

Group of Sarah 3CX mics

Which one does not belong?

Sarah 3CX shown assembled

This is the fimal assembly with wind screens removed. A small circuit board is strapped to the side of the mic tube. It's the current limiter for the Blue LED indicator driven from console logic. The limiter allows a 4 to 18 volt range. Note on top the first hole is the LED then the Gepco mic cable and then the cable for the Blue LED. Each microphone has it's own unique serial number.

Sarah 3CX chassis & Electronics

The chassis is shown assembled with the Poly-carbonet identification band with serial number. The 4 block and rod assemblies support the front and rear windscreens. Three holes at the top are for the Blue led shown mounted, the Mic cable and the Logic cable. The mic tube is shown with shielding in place, a grounding tab and the eye supports for the elastic bands for shock mounting. The condenser cartridge mates with the mic tube pins. The 3 condenser elements are connected to the surface mounted electronics fitted into the mic tube.

Sarah 3CX frame parts

Here is a photo of the frame parts used to assemble our Sarah 3CX Microphone. The yoke sides, top plate, U bracket and socket screws are all Stainless steel. The Hanger harware is custom made for MOORETRONIX. The right angle male connector is secured to the right yoke bracket with the U clamp.

BMX-I LED/Cue switch upgrade

We had a request to add a BMX-II type circuit to replace the Push-Push wink-eye cue switch. We use the same LED/CUE switch when BMX-II line input modules are serviced here at MOORETRONIX. The small circuit board has the same surface mount relay used in our BMX-III 12 station monitor selector. On the bottom of the circuit is the surface mount logic IC's. Double sided foam tape is used to keep the circuit board under the P&G fader. The cost is $50 to add this upgrade to a BMX-I line input module.

SAS Remotes

This is the CPI-80 remote for BMX-III/AMX and ABX consoles. These are priced at $75.00 each

SAS Remotes

We have 8 SAS CDS-8 remotes to clear out. Price each is $75.00

SAS Remotes

We have 13 of the SAS APC-88 we would like to clear out. Each one is priced at $75.00

Contacts for BMX-II series faders

We have our own contact sets for the P&G 2100 series faders used in BMX-II Mic and Line input modules. Our contact boards are glass epoxy based with new brush contacts installed. The contact assembly is $65.00 each. We also have the fader bushings at $15 per set of 2.

MTX Farady Shield for SM-5B

This photo shows the Rev C version partially inserted into the Wind-Screen. The bottom of the shield has (4) slots which slide over the suspension bands of the SM-5B. Two shields are in the kit. This allows the SM-5B to work near computer monitor screens without electromagnetic pick-up of stray fields. The Kit price is $120.00

Replacement 95-949 switch and LED assembly

Here is our latest replacment product for the Harris Mic control panel. Our replacement PC board assembly is a direct bolt in replacement. The pin-out is the same as the original 99-949 panel. The price for our PC board assembly with the 4 LED/Switches and 10 pin connector is $85 each. Place your order today.

Close-Up view of RMX fixture

Here is a clear view of the RMX input module test fixture. Ideal for serviicing Mic and Line input modules, on your service bench, away from the studio console frame. All the test facilites are present to evaluate both logic and audio issues. A minimum of external equipment is required. A good quality audio oscillator, a dual trace oscilloscope and 4 external power supplies. The supplies can be as simple as stacking 4 switching supplies as shown in a previous photo,

Final version of RMX Test Fixture

We received the production PC boards today. Here is a RMX Line input module plugged into the fixture. This photo shows the various LED indicators marked with the board silkscreen. The push buttons activate the logic and audio functions.

Switching supplies for RMX Test Fixture

We tested the fixture with 4 table top switching supplies from Jameco Electronics. Here are the part numbers (2) 1940432 15 volt supplies for the Bi-Polar audio requirements. These supplies do not have the AC ground terminated at the (-) outputs of these supplies. This makes it easy to make (1) the negative supply and (1) the Positive supply. The 12 volt switcher supply is 1940651. In this case the AC ground is also the ground terminal of the 12 volt output. This allows the star ground of the fixture to be terminated only once to the AC ground. The +48 Phantom supply is 2150782 and also has an isolated ground. You'll note that these switchers have a choke network at the end of the DC output cables. This must be left in place and is why the cables are long. An AC power strip with a power switch would be best for connecting the AC cords to the supplies. This way all supplies come up at once. I was pleased at the performance of these supplies and had good signal to noise measurements. This is a low cost way to get the fixture up and running. The long cords allow the supplies to be kept far away from the fixture and the module under test.

RMX Test Fixture Proto

What a great Christmas gift for the Radio Engineer who services a RadioMixer console. This fixture has all the test facilities to check out RMX Mic input and Line input modules. Your service bench will need a low distortion audio oscillator, a dual trace oscilloscope and DC supplies to power the fixture and module under test. Thriteen LED's indicate the status of the module logic. Note the 4 LED's in the upper right hand corner of the fixture. The top two indicate that bi-polar 16 volts is present. The lower left LED is the 12 volt logic supply indicator and the lower right LED indicates +48 volt phantom power is present for Mic input modules. The six push buttons allow testing of the various logic stages of both types of input modules. The LED's below provide various logic status. The connectors on top of the fixture from left to right are Line level A & B, Mic A & B, Patch send & return, PGM-1 & 2 outputs, Telco audio, Cue audio and Talk audio. The bus amplifiers buffer the various in's & out's between the module and external test equipment. If you are in charge of maintaining an RMX console, this test fixture will save you time and provide complete module testing away from the studio. The fixture cost is $800 and includes an extensive text to operate and service RMX input modules. We also supply the mating Molex "K" connector housings and pins. We will begin shipping during the first week of December 2013. Call us with your order before Christmas and receive a 10% discount on each fixture ordered. Happy Holidays from MOORETRONIX.

More photos of Sarah 3CX

The stainless steel yoke assembly is shown. The yoke assembly hangs from the shock mount. The right angle XLR male connector is secured with a stainless steel U clamp. The 2 pin Molex connector is also side mounted to the yoke. This is the connection point for the console mic logic to operate the blue LED indicator.

More photos of Sarah 3CX

Here the PC board is packed inside the mic tube. The LED limiter board is strapped to the mic tube.

More photos of Sarah 3CX

This is the PC board housed inside the mic tube. A combination of surface mount and through hole parts are used. The op-amp is a OPA 2227.

More photos of Sarah 3CX

Here is a view of the aluminum tube grounded to the electronics. The serial number is unique to each mic poly-carbonet band. Nylon washers are allow the mic position to be changed with the mic hot. The block and rod assemblies support the front and rear windscreens.

Photos of Sarah 3CX

The cartridge plugs into the support tube. The blue LED shows in the band label and through the blue chassis ring. The cellulose dome contains the 3 condenser elements. The mic tube is suspended by the elastic bands.

Sarah 3CX serial 1001

Here she is with the Poly-Carbonet band.

Gates Yard Console

I'm looking for a Mic pre-amp for this console and the Cue speaker. Anyone have a Gates Yard beyond restoration? Call me with any information at 231-924-7818. Thanks

Dual VCA option for RadioMixer

The Dual VCA assembly is shown mounted to the side of a RMX Control Room module. This field install kit takes about an hour from start to finish. The new DC control pots require enlarging the front panel control mounting holes to 27/64 inches. We supply the correct hardware to space the new pots to the faceplate. Two holes need to be drilled as shown to mount the PC board with 4-40 hardware. A three wire power cable picks of the +-16 volts and audio common to power the VCA. Two four wire ribbon cable groups connect to the audio inputs and outputs.

SM-5B Faraday shield kit

These MOORETRONIX shields are designed to reduce microphone pick-up of Computer Displays and other stray RF fields. The shields insert into the SM-5B windscreens, both front and rear. The drain wires attach to the microphone yoke assembly with 4-40 screws. Order your Faraday shield kit today. Only $140.00 with our clear instructions to field install in less than 15 minutes.

Switch Cream by MOORETRONIX

This is the answer to audio switch intermittent action. Apply our Switch Cream treatment and be amazed at how well your switches can work. Makes them better than new. E-mail us for text file and photos.

Replacement B Battery packs

We came up with this idea to solve the requirement of B batteries for portable tube equipment. Using 9 volt alkaline cells provides a long life B battery with a long storage cycle. The PC board can be user set-up for a pair of 45 volt, a 72 volt or 90 volt battery. We also have a version for the RCA and Nems Clark Field Meters. A single PC board has (2) 67 volt sections that fit within the Field Meter battery compartment. The nice feature about these packs is the availability of the 9 volt alkaline cells most anywhere batteries are sold. The universal B battery board is $60.00 and the RCA/Nems Clark version is $85.00 and includes (2) cables with 2 pin Molex connectors for the FI and OSC sections. The user installs the supplied mating 2 pin connectors to the original FI meter B battery cables.

DX-50 rear view Combiner

This is the torroid side. If you look close ypu'll see a jumper repair. We also treat the ribbon connectors with Caig contact cleaner. This board had some plating issues at the mounting points along one side. Perhaps due to vibration the hardware was a little loose. We replated these areas to improve the grouding connections. RF does some strange things, even in a sold-state transmitter like the DX-50. A great transmitter design by Hilmer Swanson.

DX-50 Combiner 992-7088-001

We work on these too. After years of service the combiner boards need a good cleaning, capacitors replaced and jumpers checked and repaired. Depending upon the environment and maintenance of the transmitter building air system determines how much corosion and dirt accumulate. We also clean all edge connector contacts using lint free wipes and Caig contact treatment.

RMX Line under digital control

Here is our next upgrade to RadioMixer. The photo shows a new switch assembly with LED lighted switches. This upgrade replaces the mechanical switches with a series of high reliability, surface mounted, control relays. They are operated by a Micro-controller. The set-up is pre-programmed here at Mooretronix with PGM 1 ON as shown in the photo. The user, with a PC and a USB port can re-configure in the field, which functions are turned on or off. We have seen through field experience that the A/B switch always stays in A. The mode switches are seldom used but when needed can get the operator out of a jam due to a lost left or right channel. PGM 1 is always on with ocasional use of PGM-2. If your format calls for telephone use then the OFF LINE mix switch is on. The switches shown are momentary and allow user selection. Our experience has shown that the Mode switches and the A/B input switch causes the most trouble. By making this up-grade reliability increases 10 fold over the old mechanical switches. We also have a version of this up-grade for the RMX Mic input module. New inovation from the minds of MOORETRONIX.

BMX-III/AMX Telos panel

Here is the completed assembly ready to install in the console frame.

BMX-III/AMX Telos before electronics

Here is the faceplate with the lens glued in place and the poly-carbonet overlay cutout. The next step is to mount the Telos electronics to the panel.

Rear view of Telos mounting plate

This photo shows the rear view of our BMX-III/AMX mounting plate for the Telos electronics. The laser cut faceplate and back-up plate are joined with industrial strength epoxy for a strong bond. The window and poly carbonite overlay will be added before we mount the electronics to the panel.

Telos call director 2001-00052-000

If you plan on updating your BMX-III/AMX with this Telos call director order it soon. Telos is going to dis-continue the electronics package soon. We have faceplates for BMX-III/AMX and the RMX consoles. The metal faceplate is laser cut and then covered with our poly-carbonet overlay. This panel is the Telos 2001-00052-000. For RMX the part number is 2001-00086-000. We install the electronics to the faceplate for correct fit. Our charge for the faceplate and mounting is $300.00 The price is the same for the RMX version. Our panel features a back-up plate to reduce panel flexing.

New BMX-II Control Room switcher

This is our new 10 station relay switcher for the BMX-II Control Room module. It is based on our 12 station switcher used for BMX-III. This switcher features high reliability surface mount relays for noise free switching. The red momentary buttons on the front panel select the desired monitor input. The selected button is illuminated by a high brightness Red LED.

RMX CR square button panel

We have two versions of the new replacement switcher for BMX-II and RMX control room modules. The 8 station RMX button panel proto-type is stacked on top of the 10 station BMX-II control room module. Note that the buttons are square for RMX with LED lighting for each button.

New BMX-II Control Room switcher

Here is the button panel for our new switcher. The selected button is lighted by a red LED to indicate the 1 of 10 stereo inputs selected. This new switcher provides reliable, noise free switching of the monitor inputs.

SM-5B Windscreens are back in stock

New price per set is $80.00 with the Blast Filter price holding at $15.00 each.

MOORETRONIX Belt-Jack for Harris 99-1215

This small ABS plastic box contains the DC audio level pot, mating PC board to the Neutrik NE8FAH connector and the 1/4" stereo headphone jack. This will find uses in a morning talkshow environment using a small stage for music talent. The Harris 99-1215 is the ideal headphone amplifier with Host, Producer and Program inputs. The MOORETRONIX Belt-Jack clips on the talents belt and features individual headphone level control with a handy connecting point for the 1/4" headphone cord. The RJ-45 cable locks to Belt-Jack. Another fine MOORETRONIX product at $99.00 each.


We have noticed two issues with early BMX-III/AMX Program amplifiers. If your consoles are pre-1990 it's likely that the Tantalum capacitors in the +-18 volt regulator circuit will fail due to aging. The second fault has to do with the bias diodes attached to the MJE-171 & 181 transistors. The bias diodes are breaking away from the bonding agent causing high current failure of the 45-119 function module. We have a replacement kit available which contains (4) transistor/diode pairs and (6) 10uF radial electrolytics. We also are including (8) 22uF 50 volt capacitors to replace C4 & C5 on the 45-119 PC board. The kit price is $89.00 per program amplifier.

BMX Clip Board accessory

Users of BMX-I, II, III, AMX, RMX, PMX, STX and ABX mixing consoles may find this a handy add on. Many of the wider frame sizes have added module blanks over unused module positions. We would like your ideas on features we could add to this drop in assembly. LED lighting for the copy area. LED lighted switches for extra remote control. How about a covered recessed area for convenient storage? Let us know how we could get the most out of this 6 position accessory clip board. E-mail your thoughts to Thank-you

BMX-I, II And early RMX capacitor kits

Complete capacitor up-grade kit for BMX-I, II and RadioMixer power supplies. Features new Snap Cap PC assemblie to up-grade old style computer grade capacitors. All capacitors for Bi-polar regulators, Logic regulator and 48 Volt Phantom supply. Plus you get a clear set of instructions for the install. If your power supply is older than 12 years, you need this kit. Priced at $175.00

Gift Ideas

We have power supply capacitor kits for BMX-I, II, III, AMX, RMX, PMX, STX and ABX consoles. They start at $175.00 per kit. Our kits include all required parts and clear instructions.

Gift Ideas

Ho! Ho! Ho! Airwave customers, we have a great idea for you. Our ON/OFF adaptor module replaces those bad switches and wire lead lamps. Simply remove the old assembly, Insert the flex cable into our assembly and enjoy Red ON Led and Yellow OFF Led reliability. The switches are good for millions of operations. Using a labelmaker with clear tape and black letters you can change the lens table text any time.

Gift Ideas

Replace those obsolete and worn out Arowmat relays with our 90-156 replacement assembly. Un plug the old and insert the new. Prevents channel drop-out on BMX-II mic and line input modules.

Gift Ideas

Having problems with the mute function of a BMX-II control room module? Update the monitor and cue mute relays with our 90-160 adaptor. Change out those tired and obsolete Arowmat relays with our Nias relacment assembly with clear, helpful instructions.

Gift Ideas

Our famous 12-20 LED replacements for the JKL 658 lamps will glow year round. Available in Red (ON), Yellow (OFF), Amber (COUGH) and White (TALKBACK).

Gift Ideas

How about our PGM/AUD assembly for BMX-II Mic and Line modules. OH BOY, new switches and no top switch wiring. What could be better?

Gift Ideas

Glam up your PR&E VU meters with our LED light bars. Stop replacing those old lamps. LED's last and last and last.

12-20R & 12-20Y LED's

Here is our latest production version of our LED replacement for the old 658 lamp. We offer a (2) year warranty on our MOORETRONIX replacements. Knowing the status of a Line or Mic input module is important information to the console operator. We also have 12-20A amber LED's for the COUGH buttons and the 12-20W White LED's for TALKBACK buttons. Update your PR&E console today with our replacements. All are priced at $5.00 each. By the way our LED's draw 20 mA instead of the 80 mA of the 658 lamp.A great American value.


Here is the release of our 10 station switcher. Having problems with the switches and buttons of your current mechanical RLS switcher? The 99-139 MTX switcher is the answer. LED buttons indicate the channel selected, 1-10. Reliable surface mount telcom relays provide reliable audio switching. The momentary LED/Switches used for input selection, is also used in the RadioMixer comsole for CUE circuit operation. The cable shown connects +12 volts to the switcher PC board. The cable passes through the upper module support bracket and is plugged into the power distribution PC board for the VU meters behind the meter panel. Order your MOORETRONIX RLS switcher for the BMX-III console today.

Rebuilding a BMX-III 26

Here is a photo of the right side of a BMX-III 26 just completed. We've been rebuilding PR&E consoles for about 10 years. After 15 years in the field, a console begins to show it's age. Our job is to return it to original condition, add energy saving enhancements, and reliability improvements. Conversion from Edison lamps to LED's saves about 75% in power consuption from the logic supply and avoids the constant lamp replacement. Electrolytic capacitors have a limited life and do wear out. We replace them all. We do alot of cosmetic surgery to each console. Another troublesome area is the mechanical audio switches. We used to change them out when ever we re-built a console. For the last 2 years we have been treating these switches with a special Puree developed here at MOORETRONIX. Once treated, these audio switches perform as good as new ones and sometimes better. I continue to be amazed at how well the treatment works. We seldom have to replace an audio switch unless it has a mechanical failure. By treating the switches and not replacing them, PC board trauma is avoided. When a rebuilt console leaves MOORETRONIX it looks as great as it sounds. Let us provide a quotation for rebuilding your PR&E console today. A re-built console adds value to the original investment.

AMX/ABX electronic switcher

The AMX/ABX 8 station selector will have an early 2012 release date. This will be a scaled down to 8 stations from the BMX-III 10 station switcher. The cost should be about $330.00 for the update kit.

MTX switcher for BMX-III RLS

Here is our Proto Type of the MOORETRONIX RLS switcher for BMX-III consoles. This electronic switcher replaces the old mechanical style switcher. This is a scaled down version of our 12 station Monitor selector we have been building for the BMX-III/AMX Control Room module. The kit includes the PC board assembly with the hardware to mount it to your old RLS faceplate. We supply a cable to pick-up 12 volts from the VU Meter power distribution board. The cable passes through a frame opening for RLS position 1 or 2. It takes less than 10 minutes to install. Instead of a wink-eye an LED indicates which input is selected, 1 through 10. The production PC boards will have the solder mask and silkscreen. The price is $345.00 each. We will begin shipping in October.


We have made a few changes to our BMX-III Monitor Selector so it can be used as a RLS switcher. The photo shows our new RLS in position 1 with a standard mechanical RLS in position 2. The switcher requires 12 volts to power the relays and logic. We supply a 2 wire cable that picks up 12 volts from the VU meter and LED/Lamp distribution board. About 10 minutes of install time and you can take advantage of our relay switcher in RLS positions. Inovation continues at MOORETRONIX.

RMX Studio Monitor faceplate

Here is our latest addition to our Poly Carbonet faceplates for RadioMixer. Nows the time to spruce up that RMX with our durable faceplates. Only $55.00 each from MOORETRONIX.

BMX-III 18 in crate ready for shipment.

Ready for trip to San Diego VIA Old Dominion.

BMX-III 18 project now completed

Here is the finsihed console ready for its crate. The new Poly-Carbonet overlays look great. Another successful birth at MOORETRONIX. Can we build one for you?

More progress on the BMX-III 18

Only six Line Input modules remain to be refurbed and inserted into the frame. Testing has begun and up to this point everything is go. Another BMX-III console downsized and almost ready for the crate. Can we build one for you?

More progress on the BMX-III 18 project.

We now have the External rebuilt power supply connected to the main frame. LED's replace all lamps in our refurb program. Who needs lamps? All that left is completion of the remaining input modules, a complete audio and logic test and installation of all covers. Then it's in the crate and off to our customer. Let us down-size and refurb your PR&E console. In these times saving money is the key.

BMX-III 18, It's Alive, It's Alive!

Here is our BMX-III 18 project with meter panel in place with 6 VU meters and the TD-171 Slave and DT-4 Timer. Installed in the frame is the Slate/Osc module to feed the 3 Outputs, PGM, AUD and UTL at +4dB.The Meter switcher is in place and switched to UTL for the AUX VU meter pair. The 3 Program amplifiers are present. Our next step is to apply +12 Volts and begin testing the logic. We could downsize your BMX-III from a 34, 30, 26 or 22 to an 18 or 14 depending on how much additional room you may need in your studio. Downsizing is done in groups of 4 X 1.5 inches. A BMX-III 34 downsized to a 18 would reduce the console width by 24 inches.

BMX-III with meter panel

Here is our current BMX-III 18 console project. All wiring is now in place. The meter panel openings will be filled with 6 VU meters a TD-171 Slave Clock and a DT-4 Timer. We will start dropping in the modules and begin testing. Need more counter space in the studio? We can down-size your BMX-III in groups of 4 modules positions. You gain 1.50" of space for each position. A BMX-III 26 re-sized to a BMX-III 18 would reduce the console width by 12 inches. Call us for a quote today.

BMX-III 18 wiring

Here is a bottom view of the downsized BMX-III 18 showing all the major wiring. The barrier power supply cables are now in place. The 18 input module logic cables are mounted. The audio wiring is now inplace for all special function modules such as the Control Room, Two Studio, Slate/Talkback, RLS, Program amps, Send/Return/Mono/Telco and Meter Switcher. The audio wiring for the 18 input modules is next and then completion of the logic cables. Once all the wiring is complete, the Meter Panel will be added along with the TD-171 ESE Slave Clock & Digital Timer. Building one of these consoles from the ground up is a rare experience few ever get to do. The end result is the finest Analog broadcast console ever built. NEET...

Frame alignment is complete

Here is our current BMX-III 18 conversion project. All bars and covers are cut and the side panels added. The rear connector panel was cut from a BMX-III 22 by 6.00" to fit this re-sized frame. Positions 19 thru 22 were removed. Aluminum bar stock was added at the cut point to join the cut sections. The BMX-III mother board is also in place. We have placed enough modules and face plates to confirm alignment. The frame wiring is the next step. The meter panel will be installed later with 6 VU meters, a Clock and Timer.

BMX-III 22 to 18

Here is a frame we have cut from a 22 to an 18. We make the cuts so the frame is fully supported. In this photo you can see the cut points are in different locations to keep the frame strong. We have to cut the 2 upper and lower bars 6.00" and then assembly the side plates. If you have larger BMX-III frames and need additional space in your studio, down-sizing your frame might be an option. Call us for all your BMX needs from module rebuilds and upgrades to re-sizing your existing console. We'll provide a quote that makes sense.

Have you lost your Clock Magnet?

We have them in stock at $20.00 each.

We work on Prism audio processors

Here is a top view of a typical prism

TO-8 to 8 pin DIP

Pictured is our adaptor to convert early NE5534T IC's to the popular Dip package. Early PR&E BMX-II Control Room, Studio Monitor, Output Amplifiers and Mono output modules used the TO-8 version. During the refurb process of these modules we will convert to the 8 pin Dip version of the 5534 IC.

Stock on Air Wave LED switch

We now have 100 Air Wave replacement switch assemblies available. Our product has three advatages over the original supplied PR&E assembly. 1. The momentary switches have a 1,000,000 life cycle. 2. We supply ON and OFF legends on the lens table. These are easily field changed. You need a label machine that has clear tape and black print. 3. The RED LED lights for ON and a YELLOW LED lights for OFF. No more screwing around with lamps that burn out. Each ON/OFF assembly is priced at $45.00 One additional note, our connector has a friction lock the original assembly does not.

BMX-II Control Room (early)

Conversion from TO-8 IC's to 8 pin Dip with MOORETRONIX adaptors. When your module is re-furbed we will convert any NE5534T IC's to 8 pin Dip. This allows early BMX-II Control modules to be compatable with the newer modules. Early BMX-II Studio monitor, Program output and Mono output modules can take advantage of the readily available 5534 Dip IC's.

4/5/2011 0:00:00
Diplexer tuning, RPU and STL repairs

We just re-tuned a diplexer set from Telewave. This is a model M105-90 (4) cavity filter set. We not only will retune diplexers but also work on RPU and STL equipment too. Our calibrated signal generators, Spectrum analyzers, Wattmeter set and calibrated frequency counters provide you with FCC quality repairs. Call us for specific information and quotes.

3/5/2011 0:00:00
New LED/Switch for Air Wave

Side by side with the old assembly is our new MOORETRONIX LED/SWITCH assembly. The switch has a 1,000,000 life cycle and incorporates High brightness Red and Yellow LEDs. The flex cable connector is on the rear of the PC with a locking collar. The new assembly price is $45.00 each. The top button will have

RMX and PMX Selmark Fader

We have come up with a set of brackets to replace the plastic mounting tabs on older Selmark faders. The Kit includes the two brackets, new fader mounting screws in a brand new plastic bag. for $20.00 per kit. See Video session 5 at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM Type in MOORETRONIX and select #5.

3/4/2011 0:00:00
New OFF/ON assembly for Air Wave

We have developed a replacement switch assembly for the PR&E Air Wave console line. The new switch has a 1,000,000 depression life cycle. The grain of wheat lamps are replaced with High Brightness Red and Yellow LEDs. The switch caps can be removed so custom clear labels with black print can be placed on the lens table. The price is $45.00 per assembly.

11/4/2010 0:00:00
BMX-III Power Supply with Snap Caps

We are now switching away from the older style computer grade capacitors. The new high density Snap Mount capacitors are being used everywhere. We are now offering a PC board with brass studs and the new Snap Mount capacitors as required. This is the new way to go and because of size and new equipment designs the computer grade capacitor will soon be a thing of the past. Our goal is to improve the art and improve the PR&E analog console product line. As can be seen in the photo, the PC boards mount to the bottom of the power supply chassis. An existing hole and 3 additional holes need to be drilled in the chassis per board. The BMX-III power supply upgrade kit is $200.00 and includes all capacitors, assemblies and instructions. This kit is for the 99-238 supply.

10/30/2010 0:00:00
LED upgrades for Meter Switcher

We have uploaded a new video at WWW.YOUTUBE.COM showing how to install our LED kits. This modification will save the console operator from falling into the SOLO trap. If the SOLO lamps are burnt out, the Control Room module could be switched to the SOLO bus and not the 12 station monitor selector. Lamps burn out, LEDs last for 20 years.

9/21/2010 0:00:00
Service and repair of PR&E products

We at MOORETRONIX have been servicing Pacific Recorders products for over 10 years. We repair, service or refurb the following products: BMX-I consoles and modules, BMX-II consoles and modules, BMX-III/AMX consoles and modules, ABX consoles and modules, RadioMixer consoles and modules, ProductionMixer consoles and modules, STX TV consoles and modules, StereoMixer, NewsMixer, TD-171 clocks, TD-I, TD-II clocks, DT-3 & 4 Timers, PR&E Multimax and Multilimiter. Also PR&E distribution amplifiers. We supply parts and manuals for all these products. May we serve you?

6/26/2010 0:00:00
MTX 95-146

We have another YOUTUBE video uploaded for the MTX 95-146 12 station switcher. This easy field installed assembly fits the BMX-III control room and two studio monitor modules. Enjoy!

6/20/2010 0:00:00
LED Light bar for Sifam VU meters

Watch the YouTube video. Under search just type MOORETRONIX. Click on the video. Enjoy.

5/26/2010 0:00:00
VU LED light bar VS #73 lamps

Can you tell what SIFAM meter is illuminated with the MOORETRONIX LED light bar and which one has the #73 lamps?

5/22/2010 0:00:00
New LED light bar for PR&E Sifam VU's

Here is our final version of an LED replacement for the VU meter lamps on PR&E consoles. If your meters have the mini wedge base #73 lamps, this light bar is for you. Our LED light bar draws 70 ma which is the same draw as (1) #73 lamp. This LED light bar fits all Sifam VU meter assemblies used in BMX-II, III, AMX Radiomixer and later ABX consoles. The price is $20.00 per LED light bar assembly.

3/25/2010 0:00:00
BMX-II 14 just refurbed

Here is a rare BMX-II 14 mixing console. Note that the bullnose is narrow. This frame had Master faders on the Stereo Output modules. We removed them during the refurb. This console also has Pan pots on (5) of the Stereo Line input modules. This console has our 12-20R and 12-20Y LEDs to replace the Edison bulbs. For BMX-II's with bayonet VU lamps, #756, we installed some great LED replacements that look great and are bright enough. Let us refurb your tired BMX-II, III, AMX or RMX and make it new again. Call or e-mail us for a quote.

3/11/2010 0:00:00
BMX-III/AMX Monitor Selector

Here is our final release of our replacement for the original mechanical switch selector. The 12 buttons are in a matrix to control the latch IC. The relays do the audio switching. The buttons have an LED indicator showing what stereo monitor input 1-12 is active. User selected power up jumpers allow the module to power up in any user selected position. Price is $350.00 per assembly. Field installable. We supply the 2 pin power cable. The installer connects this cable to the main PC board 12 Volt input. Instructions are included. We can also install this assembly here at MOORETRONIX. The old assembly can serve as a spare selector.

2/26/2010 0:00:00
BMX-III/AMX Control Room DIM

We have noted that some of the Control Room modules we have worked on, have a stuffing error. Resistors R25 and R125 should be 68K. We have seen 6.8 K instead. The symtom is little dim or unequal dim due to one or both being the wrong value. The difference between a red and orange band on some resistors is hard to distinguish. Yes, this should have been caught in test.

1/29/2010 0:00:00
BMX-II A/B switch with LED

Here is a new photo of the BMX-II modified A/B switch with Red LED. This replaces the old orange wink-eye with some new technology. The original lens had white letters. The contrast is much better with black A & B letters against this LED assembly. The old style is to the left and right of the modified module.

1/18/2010 0:00:00
New A/B switch assembly for BMX-II

Here is a photo of our new relay switch board for BMX-II. Two PC boards are required. The Master board with the logic fits into the B switch position. The Slave PC board fits into the A switch position. It so happens that the rectangular A & B lens assemblies fit on the ITW momentary switch post. A Red LED light bar is fitted inside the lens cap to indicate if the module is in the A or B switch position. This solves those A/B switch problems and provides high reliability for a great console.

1/18/2010 0:00:00
New A/B for RMX modules

Here is a photo of a RMX Mic input module. It has our new A/B switch assembly. The ITW momentary switch fits into the faceplate opening used for the old ITT Shadow switch. The logic provides a push on, push off function. The LED lights when in the B input position. The board contains the (2) Omron relays used for audio and logic switching. Th RMX stereo line input module requires (3) Oron relays. By selecting a pair of jumpers this assembly can be used across the X-Class product line. RMX and ProductionMixer would use just one PC board assembly. BMX-II and BMX-III/AMX and ABX required two PC boards in a Master/Slave relationship.

1/18/2010 0:00:00
New A/B for X-Class Consoles

Here is a photo of the new A/B switch installed on a BMX-III/AMX stereo line input module. Two PC boards are used. One is the Master board with logic and the second is the Slave board. This allows us to use one type of assembly across the X-Class product line. Also not the new bus assignment board with the Omron surface mount relays. The relays we are using are model G6K-2G-Y and the Digikey part number is Z-137-ND. These changes take the X-Class line to a whole new level of perfomance and reliability. If you think I'm blowing smoke, check out the PDF file for the relay at Digikeys web site. Note the ITW momentary switch used for selection. It fits in the same front panel holes as the old ITT Shadow switch. The LED lights up indicating A or B as selected.

11/30/2009 0:00:00
White LED VS Edison lamp

Here is a photo of a PR&E turret panel. Can you tell which button has the Edison lamp, JKL #658 and which has the 12-20W White LED? 12-20W is priced at $5.00 each with a TWO year warranty. Advancing PR&E science from the minds of MOORETRONIX.

11/25/2009 0:00:00
New 12 station selector

Here is our production version of the new replacement option for the old style audio switches. 12 volt logic drives a pair of high life cycle surface mount relays, for each of the 12 stations. The ITW momentary LED/Switch selects, (proven in the RMX console series) lights upon selection of the chosen station. At power-up a user set of jumpers allow a specfic position to be programed. We will set the jumpers for the PGM, #1 position but can be changed in the field. This PC assembly can be field installed. 12 volts is taken from the logic supply to power this 12 station relay switcher. (1) Eliminates mechanical latching problems. (2) Buttons won't pop off the switch posts. (3) Audio is routed through these high reliability relays for long noise-free operation. The field installable kit comes complete with the tested PC 12 station assembly, installation instructions and the 12 volt cable assembly required to power the logic. Order yours today. Price is $350.00 plus shipping.

11/25/2009 0:00:00
New monitor selector mounted

Here is a photo of the selector board mounted to the BMX-III/AMX Control Room module. The momentary switch/led is the ITW cue switch used in RadioMixer. This Monitor module also shows the new VCA board in place for Monitor, Headphone, Cue & Talk. The pots provide DC control, to the VCA's. The 12 station selector board is $325.00 each and the VCA board is $300.00 each.

11/2/2009 0:00:00
New LED Cue Switch for BMX-II

Here is a photo showing the new LED/Cue switch mounted on a line module Poly Carbonet faceplate. The new assembly is $20.00 each. Included are the Switch and wired pigtail, LED, Yellow switch cap, special shoulder washer LED removal tool and instructions. The parts are also shown under BMX-II parts.

10/15/2009 0:00:00
New VCA level control for BMX-I & II

In this photo, you can see that the new MOORETRONIX VCA assembly has been installed in the following Control Room modules: BMX-I & II, RadioMixer and BMX-III/AMX. In the foreground the BMX-II control room module also has level control pots with an 11,000,000 rotational life cycle. This also provides infinite resoluton, not 256 steps using that digital crap. Taking the PR&E product to the next level. Enhancements by MOORETRONIX. By the way the jock can turn our new monitor pot 20 times an hour, 24 hours a day for 57 years. I won't be here but its nice to know that the Monitor, headphone and Cue levels will be noise free in 2066.

10/12/2009 0:00:00
New VCA board for BMX-III Control Room module

Here is a photo of the VCA board installed on a BMX-III/AMX Control Room module. The VCA board provides Stereo Monitor, Stereo Headphone, Stereo Cue & Talkback level control. Simple linear pots provide the DC control for all four sections. This can be field installed. The cost is 275.00 for BMX-III/AMX, $250.00 for RadioMixer and $225.00 for BMX-I/II monitor modules.

10/10/2009 0:00:00
New VCA assmbly for PR&E X-class consoles

Here is a photo showing a complete assembly ready to be installed into a BMX-III/AMX Control Room module. This kit replaced the analog pots used for Monitor, Headphone, Cue and Talkback volume control. A stereo P&G Rotary fader is now over $200.00 each. This kit converts all (4) analog pots to VCA control for $275.00 Other versions for BMX-I/II and RadioMixer/ProductionMixer are available.

10/8/2009 0:00:00
New VCA assembly for RMX Control Room

Here is a view of the installed PC board on a RMX Control Room monitor module. This new VCA modification replaces the P&G Monitor pot, P&G Headphone pot, Cue pot and Talkback pot with low cost linear pots. A DC control voltage varies the audio level of all (4) sections of this module. Three different versions will be available. The RMX version shown, a BMX-I & II version and a BMX-III/AMX version. The cost of P&G rotary faders is now over $200.00 each. This field installed retro-fit kit will cost $250.00 for the RMX, $225.00 for BMX-I & II and $275.00 for the BMX-III/AMX version.

9/23/2009 0:00:00
Resizing a RMX-28 to a RMX-12

Do you need more table space in a studio? How about down sizing the size of your console frame? In this case a customer no longer needed 28 input modules. A RMX-12 frame would provide enough module control and give 24 inches of additional table space. We could add another monitor and keyboard. As you can see on the bottom plate this was a RMX-28 frame reduced down to a RMX-12. We can provide this service on RMX, BMX-II and BMX-III. Need more studio space but don't want to gut the studio? Call us for a quote to reduce your console frame size. At this same time we can refurb your console modules and make them better than new with our Poly-Carb face plates that never wear out.

6/12/2009 0:00:00
BMX-III Line High Reliabilty Option

Here is a BMX-III Line input module with both the A/B input, and Bus assignment shown with our new High Reliability option. We can add this option to any BMX-III module, Mic or Line input for $125.00 per module. The option includes the A/B input PC board, the PGM-AUD-UTL bus PC board, Static Mod, Cue/Solo LED upgrade and Off/On LED upgrade. Call fo an RA number for this service. We can also add this option when your modules come in for refurb. Making a great broadcast console even better from the Minds of MOORETRONIX.

6/9/2009 0:00:00
Series 4 pre-owned lens caps

We thought you might be able to use these. What you see is what you get. The columns are letters A through I. The rows are 1 through 10. Locate the lens you want by the grid method. Each pre-owned lens cap is $3.00 each. First come, first served. Used lens clips are $1.00 each. If you would like new custom engraved lens caps give us a call. The cost of the cap with 6 characters per line, two line per lens cap is $12.00 each.

6/8/2009 0:00:00
Networks installed in BMX-III Line

This whole procedure takes about 15 minutes to install per module. The network provides polarity protection for the High Brightness LEDs and limits current to 20mA. Note the raised collector leads on both drive transistors. Its time to get rid of the Edison bi-pin lamps and switch to energy saving LEDs. He had a long enough run. Order 12-46YK for Yellow or 12-46WK for White. Each kit is $6.00

6/7/2009 0:00:00
Mod to Auditronics 202 SLI modules

We noted when testing these modules a negative peak headroom issue developed when comparing the Audtion and Program outputs. The program output switch is a CMOS 4053 IC. Its controlled by the PGM shadow switch contacts. The use of this IC, driving a bus resistor requires that pin 7 receive (-5) VDC. The modification is quite simple and can be done in the field. The IC socket must be removed from the PC board. The trace from pin 6 to pin 7 must be cut. The trace from pin 8 to pin 7 must be cut. Pin 6 and 8 get to ground VIA different paths. Now that pin 7 is floating, we can now connect (-5) VDC to this pin. Re-install the 16 pin dip socket or install a new one. Then re-insert the 4053 IC. To obtain (-5) VDC, we used a simple resistive voltage divider. The parts are shown installed on top of the -15 volt regulator, a 7915 IC. A 510 Ohm resistor is soldered to the 7915 ground pin. A 1K resistor is soldered to the -15 volt output pin of the 7915 regulator. The free ends of both resistors are twisted together and soldered to from the new -5 VDC source. We also installed a 10uF polarized capacitor + to ground and - to the resistor (-5) VDC junction. You can see these parts in the photo. Now run a piece of wire wrap from the new (-5) VDC source to pin 7 of the 4053 IC. This completes the modification. We bread-boarded this circuit to verify that indeed negative clipping was observed with pin 7 grounded. When pin 7 was suppied -5 VDC the clipping issue was resolved. Inovation for some older modules from the minds of MOORETRONIX.

6/4/2009 0:00:00
BMX-III Mic module with relay A/B switching

Here is the first BMX-III Mic input module with high reliability relay switching for the A/B mic inputs. The adaptor board now allows the use of a 2PDT latching A/B switch, placing mic audio through the relays and not the 6PDT switch. Again like the BMX-III Line input module, remote switching of the A/B inputs is now possible. The next step is to add these relays to the PGM/AUD/UTL bus switching board. Innovation from the minds of MOORETRONIX.

6/3/2009 0:00:00
New high reliability option BMX-III

Here is the proto-type daughter board added to the BMX-III A/B switch assembly. These surface mount relays take the place of the rear section of the original 6 pole switch. This modification only needs a 2PDT latched A/B switch for logic and relay control. The audio is now routed through these new relays. A new feature with this mod is the ability to remote switch the A/B input. Pin 15 is open for this use on the A & B console logic connectors. The next step is to add these relays to the PGM/AUD/UTL bus assignment board. This will route the bus audio through the relays. The Bus switches will be used for relay control. Check out the specs on this relay at Digikey using part number Z137-ND. From the minds of MOORETRONIX.

6/2/2009 0:00:00
Sargent Tools crimper for .062 Molex pins

When searching for a lower cost ratchet style crimp tool we found this one from MCM Electronics at $121.00 plus shipping. It's identical to the higher priced Molex tool and has a ratchet release lever. This is handy when the pin gets loaded wrong. The tool model # is HTR-1719C. Remember that we sell Molex connector kits for BMX-II, BMX-III/AMX and RadioMixer consoles. In these tough economic times it just makes sense to re-purpose an X-Class console. Why spend 10's of thousands of dollars when spending a few thousand will allow a great console to serve your station needs again. We provide complete module re-building services. We have new Poly Carbonet faceplates to solve the paint and silkscreen issues. Our LED kits get rid of the lamps and save energy. Make your X-Class console brand new again both in appearance and operation. You never need to RE-BOOT a BMX!

6/2/2009 0:00:00
New headphone panel

The new Harris 99-1215 headphone amplifier is a great solution for talk-table headphone applications. If you are using the PR&E headphone panels in the talk-table skirts of your studios, we have a new version of the panel using a single 10K linear pot for level control. Our circuit board assembly fits in place of the old jack and dual 10K audio taper pot. The Harris headphone amp allows stereo control with a simple 10K pot. We chose a Clarosat, conductive plastic 10K pot for long trouble free life. We will sell the complete panel for $100.00 each or the Pot, Headphone Jack, PC board assembly for $85.00 each. The hook-up is simple Cat 5 home runs to the headphone amp. Got noisey pots? This is the solution.

5/29/2009 0:00:00
Adding A/B remote audio control to the BMX-III

We are proto-typing an enhancement to the BMX-III input modules, Mic and Line. This removes the audio from the switch contacts to SMT relay inputs. The A/B input switch will now have DC switching control but no audio. Two 2PDT switches replace the 6PDT switches currently used. The 2PDT switch now selects the A or B input relays. When the A & B input switches are both up, remote control of the relays is possible through the Logic A or Logic B connectors. We had to give up external SOLO tally for this new feature. Logic A connector pin 14 controls the A audio relay and Logic B connector pin 14 controls the B audio relay. This allows a new level of control and audio reliabilty for the A & B audio inputs. From the minds of MOORETRONIX.

5/16/2009 0:00:00
Static Fix Modification

The original factory fix for static discharge problems into ABX, AMX and BMX-III mic and line modules was a system of #3 internal tooth lockwashers. These were installed under the module pull screws and the module anchoring screws. This does work as long as the washers broke through the paint of the inlay. Our modification hard wires the module extrusion to logic common of the console power supply. Our lab test have shown this is very effective. Note the green #16 wire attached to the lower mounting screw of the gain trim bracket. The other end of the wire is soldered to the grounded end of the .1uF bypass capacitor across the 12 volt logic supply to the module. All modules sent to MOORETRONIX for repair or refurbishment now receive this modification.

5/11/2009 0:00:00

Here are two OFF/ON/COUGH turret panels. Which switches contain the #658 lamps and which ones have the 12-20R and 12-20Y LEDS by MOORETRONIX for $5.00 each with a 2 year warranty. See if you can find a two year warranty on anything that lights up.

5/9/2009 0:00:00
Page 2 of BMX-I & II Parts List

Hereis the list with original PR&E part numbers.

5/9/2009 0:00:00
BMX-I & II Parts List

Here is page 1 using the original PR&E part numbers.

5/9/2009 0:00:00
Progress with the Bar Graph VU meter

Here is a pair of the Proto-Type VU meters in a PR&E AMX frame. We have designed this meter to be compatible with BMX-II and BMX-III meter panel openings. The ballistics match the VU standards. The new PC boards are in and we will build and test the final board revisions.

2/19/2009 0:00:00
New bargraph style VU meter for X-Class consoles

We are in the proto-type stage of a retro-fit Bar Graph meter for the PR&E X-Class consoles. This assembly will fit the Dixon, Crompton and Sifam meter bezels. It features an expanded -40 dB to +3 dB range. The +3 post has a hold function to alert the operator of maximum level. We have also included an additional open collector output to be used with a vibration sensor or tone inserted into the headphone monitor circuit. This feature allows blind board-operators a method of VU level detection. This assembly will mate directly with the power and audio plugs for BMX-I, II & III as well as AMX and ABX console products. Radiomixer users can also take advantage of this new bargraph meter by installing an optional cable harness. Bob Moore

2/18/2009 0:00:00
Static discharge into console modules

We have a simple fix for this problem requiring installation of a single wire ground for the input module extrusion. Call us or e-mail us and we will send you this information. This effects BMX-III, AMX and ABX input modules. Thanks Bob Moore

11/15/2008 0:00:00
BMX-III Cue & Solo LED

We now have a suitable replacement for the bi-pin lamps for the Cue & Solo functions on BMX-III input modules. A small modification of the driver circuit is required and the T1 high brightness LED's that must be used. Call us for details on this modification at 800-300-0733

7/28/2008 0:00:00
MOORETRONIX Sump Pump Controller

After dealing with stuck float switches of various types and lots of basement water it became time for a new approach. A high quality 3 level Water Conduxter sensor, a micro-controller for system control, Triac motor switching and a new product was developed. The basic system consists of the MOORETRONIX Sump Pump Controller and the MOORETRONIX Water Conduxter 3 level sensor. Options include a second triac switch outlet for a back-up sump pump motor and the Remote display and Aural alarm connected with simple Cat 5 cable up to 250 feet from the controller. The basic system price is $350.00 and $395 with the second pump outlet. The Remote display and Aural alarm panel is $100.00 We can send you a WORD copy of the manual and photos of the equipment. Just give us a call Monday-Friday 9AM to 5 PM EDT. I've been using this system for almost 3 years and it works great. The display and Aural alarm keeps me out of the basement.

12/8/2006 0:00:00
Latching ITW switch for STX

We now have a replacement switch assembly for the latching ITW switches for the PR&E STX Television consoles. We require the return of your defective switch for rebuilding at MOORETRONIX. The refurb requires the switch post from the old switch to insert into the new switch body and latching mechanism. We will install the same color LED into the switch as returned to us. $12.00 is the cost per refurbed switch assembly. Send your old switches with instuctions on your stations letterhead to: MOORETRONIX, 5311 S. Green Ave., Fremont, MI 49412. Thanks Bob Moore

11/14/2006 0:00:00
New products available.

We have the original skirt mounted PR&E headphone panel with 1/4" headphone jack. Current limiters for the pot wipers. A 6' cable with 4 pin Molex Male & Female connectors for series insertion into the headphone distribution bus.

12/4/2005 0:00:00
BMX-III 26 transformed to an 18

Need additional studio space? How about downsizing your BMX? The frame pictured in the photo was once a 26 input frame. Thanks to our local metal fabricator Flat-To-Form, and our local silk-screener, T&S Silk-screen we were able to remove 8 input slots reducing the console width by 12 inches. The new meter panel even has MOORETRONIX silk-screened on the far right side. Call us or email for a quote on this type of work.

11/27/2005 0:00:00
New product release

We are about to release (2) new products. The first product is our new version of the CI-2 interface with input current limiters and OPTO couplers replacing the control relays. The second product is a replacement Stereo Headphone level control panel designed for talk-table applications.

11/10/2005 0:00:00
Official PR&E X-Class Site

We repair and refurb all X-Class products. Here is the list, BMX-I-II-III, AMX, ABX, RadioMixer, ProductionMixer, StereoMixer, NewsMixer, STX, SDA-8, SDA-8A, TX-990 and all interface products. ThanksBob Moore

10/1/2005 0:00:00
Thanks for your business!

During the last quarter we have re-furbed (85) PR&E X-Class modules for BMX-I, II, III, AMX, ABX, RMX, StereoMixer and the STX TV console. We have also rebuilt P&G Series 4000 faders, RMX Selmark faders and rebuilt (2) BMX-III Power Supplies. We also serviced (5) Audio Prisms, (2) 8100A Optimods, (1) 9100B Optimod, and sold over (20) sets of SM-5B Windscreens, (We are the only source on the planet for these Windscreens). We also sold a Refurbed Otari MX-5050B and a Technics refurbed SP-10MKII turntable. All this work keeps this company growing!Thanks again, to our growing list of customers!

6/22/2005 0:00:00
High level mod kit for BMX-II Mic

We have a modification kit to convert a standard BMX-II Mic input module to active balanced High Level input. Level range is from -10dB to +4dB. The price for the modification instructions, parts for (1) Mic module with photos of a modified module $35.00

6/16/2005 0:00:00
Thanks to all our customers!

During the past quarter, we have re-furbed (2) BMX-III 22 consoles, (1) Radiomixer 12, (1) Auditronics 218 and (1) BMX-II 10.We have also refurbed 63 various modules for PR&E X-Class equipment including Stereomixer, Newsmixer, RMX, PMX, BMX-I, BMX-II, BMX-III, ABX and STX.We are the only source on the planet for SM-5B windscreen sets and SM-5B Blast Filters.Its been busy!Again..I thank-You!!!Bob Moore, MOORETRONIX

6/16/2005 0:00:00
Repeat pulse, BMX-II Line input

See the logic schematic from the BMX-II manual for the Line Input module. This modification requires a 20K, 1/4 Watt resistor, a 1N4148 diode with Teflon sleeving and cutting a single trace on the bottom of the PC board. See the photo for the trace cut location. Its under the 20K resistor tack soldered as shown. The trace runs between U3B at pin 4 and U10B at pin 12. Once cut, bridge the trace with the resistor as shown. The diode is tack soldered as shown in the photo. The cathode end connects to U7 pin 1 and the anode to U1o pin 12. Now each time the local ON button is depressed, a start pulse will be issued. If the TIMER RESET is enabled, it will also issue a pulse with each depression of the ON button. This mod is handy for live assist with computer automation. Enjoy! Bob Moore

6/4/2005 0:00:00
Repeat start pulse, BMX-III Line Input

Here is a simple way to allow a Next Event pulse to be issued by the BMX-III line input module logic each time the local ON button is pressed. See page 4 of the BMX-III Line Input schematic. The trace is cut between Pin 1 of U205A and Pins 4 & 12 of U211. This trace is on top of the PCA near R283. A 10K 1/4 Watt resistor is installed across the break on the bottom of the PCA. It is tack soldered to the IC socket pins of U205, 1 & U211, 4. Be sure to used Teflon sleeving for the resistor leads. A 1N4148 diode is added on the top of the PCA between pin 4 of U202A, cathode, with the anode connected to pin 4 of U211. Now with each depression of the local ON button the start pulse will be issued and Timer Reset pulse issued if enabled. If you need more information, a modified schematic, photos and parts for a single module, order Kit MTX-060405-3. Priced at $15.00Enjoy...Bob Moore

3/5/2005 0:00:00
BMX-II 18 ships to Portland

Here is the Pacific Recorders classic BMX-II console. Completely re-furbed and ready for it's new home in Portland. We can down-size your BMX-II, III or AMX from a 34 to a 26, 22, 18, 14 or 10 input frame size. BMX consoles can be repaired in the field. The modular construction allows easy removal of a module for service. Try fixing those digital consoles in the field! We provide a 6 month limited warranty with each X-Class console re-furb.

1/27/2005 0:00:00
Auditronics 200 Series Bracket

Here is a photo of an installed Cue Speaker Bracket to the AUDITRONICS 200 series meter panel. Depending upon the frame size the speaker may be off-set from the meter panel opening. A 4

12/27/2004 0:00:00
BMX heads for Tampa.

Here is a BMX with 3 Mic & 7 Line input modules. This one also features the MONO/TELCO module. We specialize in the re-furbing of all PR&E X-Class consoles. Get the extra value only PR&E consoles provide. Have yours re-built at MOORETRONIX. Call us or E-mail us for a quotation.

12/20/2004 0:00:00
Module pull tool

Here is our MOORETRONIX module pull tool that slips into the fader slot of Auditronics 200 series and PR&E BMX-I & II consoles. Of course you must remove the input module anchoring screws before pulling out the module. If you would like a MOORETRONIX module pull tool, with our compliments, just send us a picture of your in service console and a picture of it's serial number plate. Provide us with your stations shipping address and we will mail you one. One per location, please. Thanks Bob Moore

12/20/2004 0:00:00

Here is an Auditronics Model 212 just completed. This one required a new Bull Nose oak panel. The side panels were re-finished and the bucket re-painted. Each module had its fader re-built, new audio switches, new capacitors, new lamps, and cosmetic parts replaced as necessary. We then tested the completed console. We like this series. Much like the PR&E BMX-II. Call us for a quote on refurbing your Auditronics 200 series console. Built like tanks for the long haul.

10/26/2004 0:00:00
Re-Furbed ABX modules

Here are 6 Mic's, a 2-Mix module and a Studio Monitor which have been Re-Furbed at MOORETRONIX. Got Pacific Recorders X-Class console modules that are a little tired? We Re-Furb all X-Class products! Get the added value you only get from PR&E products.

10/14/2004 0:00:00
Re-furbed BMX-II, 22 Completed.

Here is our latest console to go through the refurb process. We replace all electrolytic caps, audio switches, cosmetic parts as necessary, re-build the P&G faders, replace as necessary all other parts as required. Full audio and logic tests are done using MOORETRONIX test fixtures for the modules under test. The console is then tested as a complete system. Quality products last and last! We include a 6 month limited warranty on all console re-furbs. Call or E-mail for a quote to bring your console back to peak performance.

10/9/2004 0:00:00
BMX-II 22 Refurb progress.

Here is another Pacific Recorders & Engineering console being refurbed at MOORERONIX! This is a BMX-II 22 Input frame nearing completion. All options were ordered on this frame. Seven input modules to go, a Timer Control panel and final tests for shipment next week. MOORETRONIX refurbs all PR&E X-Class consoles from BMX-I, II, III, AMX, ABX, RMX and PMX. We also refurb Newsmixer and Stereomixer. Call us or E-mail for a quote.

4/24/2004 0:00:00
PR&E PMX module tests

Here is our test set-up for evaluation of all audio and logic functions of this PMX Line Input module. All switches, all electrolytic caps, new lamps, necessary repairs and fader re-build have been completed. This module has passed all Audio and Logic tests. Got a PR&E PMX console that needs service? Quality repairs, reasonable repair rates.

3/25/2004 0:00:00
Harris SX-1

We have received a Harris SX-1,1KW solid state AM transmitter. Was pulled out of service in February 2004. We will re-tune to your frequency & provide 2 hours of training at time of delivery. The transmitter will be fully serviced and tested before shipment. $8000 F.O.B. Fremont, MI.

2/17/2004 0:00:00
SM-5B repairs

Eat your heart out! The JOCK'S favorite mic, the SHURE SM-5B. Got these in storage? We repair and re-foam this great mic.

1/30/2004 0:00:00
Selmark fader rebuild for RadioMixer

We have now available for the Selmark fader a Teflon Bushing kit. The fader re-build price is $65.00 only at MOORETRONIX. Extend the life of your RadioMixer faders.

1/18/2004 0:00:00
Stereo Tracer demonstration

The Stereo Tracer signature waveforms are shown in this photo. The SEND outputs are being sent to the BMX-III remote line selector module. The RLS output is sent to a BMX Line Input Module. The module is feeding PGM, AUD & UTL bus assignments. The BMX-III PROGRAM LINE OUTPUT is connected to the Stereo Tracer Return inputs. The upper trace shows a normal LEFT channel display with a positive rising waveform from the reference line. The bottom trace is a normal RIGHT channel waveform. If PHASE was reversed on one of the channels the signature waveform would be negative or below the reference line. Note the BMX-III VU meters have a 4 dB difference, due to the increased duty cycle of the RIGHT waveform. This is how the VU meter interpets this wave. Try these tests with a toner. Imagine verification of LEFT & RIGHT channel position, amplitude & phase from a remote stereo source through all active amplifiers up to the STL inputs! Thats the real world test power of Stereo Tracer. Available only from MOORETRONIX.

1/14/2004 0:00:00
Another BMX-III birth at MOORETRONIX

Here is the nearly complete BMX-III 18 input console. The clock and timer need to be mounted. The wood trim has been re-finished and needs to be installed. Then the final tests begin. We will use STEREO TRACER to verify Phase Amplitude and Position of the stereo inputs and outputs of the console. Level and distortion measurements will also be made. Nothing sounds as great or operates as easily as a BMX. Can we re-build yours?

1/8/2004 0:00:00
BMX-III 18 progress!

Here is the frame with the meter panel mounted. Lots of work left. This one ships to San Diego in about 10 days. Can we build a console for you or rebuild yours? Need a smaller frame? We can down size you existing BMX to give you more studio space. Call or E-mail us with your requirements. These are the only consoles worth rebuilding. The lasting value of a BMX shines on.

11/26/2003 0:00:00
Short Cut with Ver 4.2 firmware

Here is a 360 Systems Short Cut editor with new 4.2 firmware and a new hardrive. Comes with manual and power cord. Total record time is 11 hours and 41 minutes. Also has new record and playback pots. It's a 9 out of 10 cosmetically. $2200.00

10/16/2003 0:00:00
Lamp drivers for CDR-850 recorders.

We can add an interface to your CDR-850 to drive Record, Play and Stop buttons for these machines. The cost per machine is $145.00 and includes extracting the pick-off points on the PC boards, installing the interface and adding a 3 pin molex to the rear CDR-850 panel. We can also provide custom control panels with lamps for the CDR-850 to install in PR&E X class consoles.

10/7/2003 0:00:00
P&G 4000 fader rebuilding

We now have a 250 fader supply of the special Teflon bushings for the 4000 series P&G fader assembly used in PR&E BMX-III, AMX and ABX consoles. This is not a field replaceable item. We have the necessary fixture and expertise to re-build these faders. The service includes, dis-assembly, inspection, cleaning, replacement of the bushings and re-tension of the fader contacts. The price is $65.00, MONO or STEREO. We also have a 250 fader supply of the bushings for the BMX-I & II faders. These are priced at $6.00 a set and can be field installed.

9/3/2003 0:00:00
Stereo Tracer...A Heavenly Site!

Serial numbers 1001 through 1007 are tested and ready for shipment!

8/25/2003 0:00:00
Stereo Tracer monitors Prism's

Here in this photo we have the balanced bridging RETURNS of STEREO TRACER connected to the Audio Prisim's outputs in pink noise test mode. We can rebuild your Audio Prism's. We have the Vac-Tec cells and recap each unit. We perform full alignments after cell burn in.

8/23/2003 0:00:00
Stereo Tracer strapping kit otion

Here is STEREO TRACER with our nylon strapping kit attached. This allows Stereo Tracer to move easily with your Oscilloscope. Snap buckles allow adjustment to most dual-trace scopes.

8/22/2003 0:00:00
STEREO TRACER dynamic power

Here we have Stereo Tracer connected to the BMX-II Remote Line Selector with it's output feeding Line Input module 18. The returns of Stereo Tracer are connected to the BMX-II Program Output. Since Stereo Tracer is a dynamic device, DC continuity is not required. Imagine verifying a total STEREO signal path from input source to the inputs of an STL, T1 or EQ Telco circuits. Stereo Tracer will find that phasing problem fast.

8/20/2003 0:00:00
Stereo Tracer photo 6

Here is the STEREO TRACER PC board. We use a combination of Surface Mount and Thru Hole parts. The labled IC is the Video Signature Chip used to create the display and sync waveforms. All part locations are silk screened with a parts locator in the manual.

8/19/2003 0:00:00
Stereo Tracer photo 5

In this photo, STEREO TRACER is connected to a stereo balanced pair. The PHASE is correct for both Left & Right pairs but the bottom waveform is at half amplitude, indicating that one of the Right conductors is open. The other advantage of using it's signature waveforms is the ability to judge a Stereo pairs quality by observing the rise time. Quick, accurate, stereo testing at an affordable price. Order yours now! a great value at $700.00 with manual. The optional rack mount kit or the nylon strapping kit are priced at $30.00......The scope shown is NOT included. However your scope with STEREO TRACER becomes even more valuable test tool!

8/19/2003 0:00:00
Stereo Tracer photo 4

In this photo, STEREO TRACER has it's Returns bridged across a professional CD player with balanced outputs. This added feature now allows your scope to view Phase and Amplitude in XY or Dual Channel mode with true balanced Left and Right inputs. Radical!

8/19/2003 0:00:00
Stereo Tracer photo 3

Here is STEREO TRACER with the optional rack mount adaptors. An optional nylon strapping kit allows mounting on top of your scope. The STEREO TRACER Returns are balanced with a nominal input level of +4dB. STEREO TRACER is priced at $700.00 Put this powerful testing tool to work where-ever stereo balanced circuits are used.

8/19/2003 0:00:00
StereoTracer photo #2

Here we have a stereo cable with a phase reversal in pair 1. Note the inverted signature waveform on the top trace. The STEREO TRACER Sends output a unique signature waveform you can inject into balanced pairs, stereo switch selectors, high quality audio console line level inputs, audio snakes, almost any professional audio application where balanced circuits are employed!

8/19/2003 0:00:00
May I Have Your Attention Please!

Here is our first MOORETRONIX product called STEREO TRACER. Dust off your scopes and put this powerful Stereo balanced pair testing device to work. This first photo shows a correctly phased stereo cable. Stereo Tracer connects to any Dual Trace scope and provides a sync signal to keep the waveforms locked on screen.

8/18/2003 0:00:00
One last look before it ships!

Here is our BMX-II which was a 26 input frame now a 10. Completely rebuilt and ready for another 20 years of service. This one has all possible options including the Telco module, Timer & Control Panel, Studio Monitor and Remote Line Selector. We can re-build your BMX or supply you with one of ours.

8/10/2003 0:00:00
BMX-II nearing completion.

Our BMX-II, 10 input frame with all options is almost complete. We have updated the stereo line input modules with EAO series 19 CUE switches. We should have this one in the crate by Wednesday for shipment to Seattle. Is your digital audio getting lost in your digital console? This never happens in a BMX. We can build one for you in any of the standard sizes.

8/1/2003 0:00:00
BMX-II, 10 Input frame

Here is a BMX-II that started out life as a 26 input frame. Need a smaller console? We can re-furb and downsize your BMX to fit your studio confiquration. Need to fit more equipment in the same size room? Let us DOWN SIZE your BMX to meet those space requirements.

7/12/2003 0:00:00
BMX-II, 10 input headed for Casper

Wouldn't you really rather have a BMX-II? Heres one we have re-furbed for Casper, WY. Is your audio getting lost in your digital console? Never happens in a BMX! We can re-furb your BMX-I-II or III console to save you MONEY! Call us for a quote. We offer a 6 month limited warranty on all re-furbed Pacific Recorders consoles.

6/17/2003 0:00:00
Rebuilt BMX-II 18 Input needs new home

Here is one our popular frame sizes. This 18 input module BMX-II features timer & control panel, MONO output module, 5 Mic input modules and 13 Line input modules. You get a 6 month limited warranty, manual, external power supply and connector kit. We can configure this great console to meet your needs.

5/6/2003 0:00:00
Another birth at MOORETRONIX

Here's the RADIOMIXER 20 complete and ready for the crate. Why not let us rebuild your PR&E

4/22/2003 0:00:00
Radiomixer 20, REFURB

Here is a PR&E Radiomixer 20 frame. We tore it down for cleaning and inspection. A labor intensive step...but our REFURBISHED console are second to none. Got a tired BMX? Let us REFURB your PR&E console to extract that extra value from your Broadcast dollar.

4/2/2003 0:00:00
MOORETRONIX input module puller

Here it is, Great for pulling PR&E BMX-I or BMX-II Input Modules. Also works with Auditronics 200 series Mic or Line Input Modules. It inserts into the FADER SLOT.

4/2/2003 0:00:00
MOORETRONIX Input Module Pull Tool

Here is our UNIVERSAL Input Module Pull Tool. For PR&E BMX-I and BMX-II also works for AUDITRONICS 200 Series Input Modules. It doesn't cost an ARM or a LEG! NAB Show Special, $20.00 shipped anywhere in the continental U.S.

3/13/2003 0:00:00
Auditronics 224

Here is another console nearing completion. The bucket was stripped, cleaned and re-painted. The wood trim re-finished and a new light bar was added to replace the old style VU lighting assembly. Another 5 re-furbed modules and some blank panels will complete this classic console. Can we re-furb a console for your station?

1/20/2003 0:00:00
Another console ships from MOORETRONIX

Here is a Harris IMPULSE console ready to ship. Digital or Analog, MOORETRONIX is your source for great Pre-Owned broadcast equipment.

12/28/2002 0:00:00
Another birth at MOORETRONIX

Here is the BMX-III, 22 input console in the testing phase. This BMX has input modules with sends. A powerful package for it's new home in Seattle. Got a tired BMX? We rebuild them at MOORETRONIX. Get the added value only PR&E X-Class consoles provide!

12/2/2002 0:00:00
It's a BMX-II Broadcast Mixing Console!

We are proud to announce another birth at the MOORETRONIX Birthing Center. This 14 input frame heads West to Seattle. We can refurbish a BMX console for you. Call or E-mail for a quote.

11/22/2002 0:00:00
Comment from a BMX-II console customer.

The board is truly a dream. It sounds awesome on the air! What are you using? Does yours sound awesome? Call or E-mail us for a quote on a Re-Furbed BMX-II and find out why all the top markets have them!

11/19/2002 0:00:00
A BMX-II Re-furb under way!

Q: I see you have tore down the mainframe. A: We need to take the frame apart to remove those dust bunnys and to inspect the mother board assembly. Q: What gets replaced during the refurb process? A: We change all electrolytic caps, all audio switches, cosmetic parts as needed and the P&G faders are inspected and rebuilt as necessary. Q: A lot of attention seems to be paid to the performance and cosmetics. A: We want to exceed the customers expectations upon delivery of the re-furbed product.

11/19/2002 0:00:00
Last add for November 19th

PR&E processing frame, model EXP-11 shown with (3) Mono EQ modules and (2) Stereo EQ modules. Frame excepts up to 11 modules. Voice processor modules $350.00 each, Mono or Stereo EQ modules at $300 each. The frame price is $750.00 with Power Supply module. Listed under Processing.

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